helen medlyn & penny dodd

darling, it's hell

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Yes - you can enjoy us whenever you wish on CD!

Those two "hell" cabaret divas - the divine Miss Medlyn and Miss Dodd - have put a microphone where Helen's mouth is and where Penny's piano-playing fingers are!

"darling, it's hell", described as "pillow music", is not their usual eclectic mix of disparate musical genres, big characters and in-your-face storytelling.

Instead they deliver eleven delicious songs of love that lie in the warm, luxurious lap of jazz.

Joined by Neil Hannan on double-bass, the girls give us songs they seem to have made their very own - Peel Me A Grape, Send In The Clowns; songs they've always sung - Summertime, The Man I Love; and songs they've rarely sung - Moonshine Lullaby, I Concentrate On You.

At Stebbing's renowned recording studios in Auckland, these three artists, no more than a few feet from each other and using old valve microphones, recorded 'live'; what you hear on the album is what you would get at a gig - heaven!

Because "darling, it's hell" has been made this old-fashioned way - no artifice, no trickery - you hear it all; the hesitant heart, the mischievous smile, the wistful sigh.

Love and the other catastrophes; darling, it's hell.

Track Listing: The Man I Love, Love For Sale, Can't Help Lovin' That Man, My Funny Valentine, Speak Low, Peel Me A Grape, Summertime, Don't Explain, Send In The Clowns, I Concentrate On You, Moonshine Lullaby.

What they're saying about "darling, it's hell":

"sexy and soulful"

"It sent shivers up my spine"

"A fine glass of wine, a shared pillow and oh, gosh!..."

"Fabulous for evenings, sipping away at a glass of sauvignon blanc."

"...nice music to relax to...cuddling up with someone...".

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Original release: November 2006